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Wix Web Accessibility Plugins

Web accessibility can seem complex and overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Knowing this, Wix decided to integrate a comprehensive web accessibility initiative to help its customers deliver an inclusive experience on their websites.

Wix began developing accessibility features in 2016. After several years of developing its accessibility features, it set up an initiative: the Wix Accessibility Wizard.

Wix Web Accessibility

To help its users, Wix built accessibility functionality into its website builder. Here’s a breakdown of what Wix offers its user base.

With Wix’s Accessibility Wizard, all Wix users can now improve their sites’ accessibility step-by-step through a simple step-by-step process. 

Nir Horesh, Head of Accessibility at Wix had this to say about Wix’s Accessibility Wizard:

“The web is meant to be a place for everyone, and we push our platform and products to serve this vision. As industry leaders in Accessibility, we’re proud to provide our users with a solution to help them make their websites accessible. Our dedicated Accessibility team is constantly working to advance accessibility features for our users and those who visit their sites. In developing the first-ever Accessibility Wizard, we hope to encourage our users to build sites that are more inclusive and that everyone can visit and enjoy.”

When the Accessibility Wizard is activated, the users’ website gets scanned, and accessibility issues are detected. The user receives instructions and guidelines on how to solve each problem. Lastly, the site gets rescanned to ensure all issues get fixed. If they are, the accessibility of the site is greatly improved.

Full Keyboard Operability

In compliance with WCAG’s POUR (perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust) guidelines, all Wix products are fully operable with a keyboard— from tiny buttons to comprehensive online stores.

Automatic DOM Order

The DOM (Document Object Model) organizes itself to enable keyboard users and screen readers to navigate your site.

Site Language Definition

This feature ensures that your site is automatically rendered with the correct language so screen readers can understand your content.

Correct Semantics

Every component you add to your site has the correct semantics installed, so people with disabilities can better understand your content.

Smart Focus Ring

Smart focus rings automatically appear when a keyboard is in use and feature dual colors to enable keyboard users to better navigate your site.

Aria Attributes

Built-in ARIA attributes provide an improved accessible user experience. Plus, you can add custom attributes to apps and components you build yourself.

Heading Tags

Heading tags help users who use screen readers understand how your site is organized to present the content.

Alt Text

Easily add descriptions of images known as alt text so that visually impaired users better understand the context of the photos on your website.

Skip to Content 

Skip to Content allows keyboard users to navigate directly to the page’s main content. This way, they can navigate to the content they need.

The Wix marketplace does not have a lot of accessibility plugins due to how comprehensive the platform’s Accessibility Wizard is. These brands have managed to develop a plugin for Wix:

Equally AI

See what customers say about Equally AI, read Equally AI reviews 🏆

Equally AI is a leading web accessibility platform. Although it doesn’t have a Wix plugin, it can be installed into your Wix website in a few steps with just one line of code, making it scalable and easy to use. Equally AI has a 7-day free trial period with no credit card obligation, during which you can check out all its features.


Small: $27/month – up to 1,000 pages

Medium: $47/month – up to 10,000 pages

Large: $147/month – up to 100,000 pages

Unlimited: $197/month – unlimited pages

All customers get the following:

  • WCAG, ADA, Section 508, EN 301 549 compliance
  • Daily automated compliance with unlimited remediations
  • Accessibility statement and certification of performance
  • Fully customizable: positions, colors, icons, shapes, sizes, and more
  • Automatic daily monitoring and scans
  • Dedicated litigation support package
  • 7- day free trial with no credit card obligation


Read Userway review by Whois Accessible team

With UserWay’s Accessibility Widget, you can make browsing easier for your users and increase compliance with WCAG 2.1, EN 301 549, ADA, and Section 508 requirements.


Small Site: $490- up to 100K monthly page views

Medium Site: $1290- up to 1M monthly page views

Large Site: $3290- up to 10M monthly page views

All plans offer the following: 

  • Real-time accessibility monitoring & reports
  • AI-Powered, automated image alts
  • Increases compliance with ADA & WCAG


accessiBe is another web accessibility platform that makes existing websites ADA-compliant by rectifying the website’s code according to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines. 


  1. Standard: $490/year- for websites under 1,000 pages
  2. Large: $1490/year- for websites under 10,000 pages
  3. Huge: $1990/year- for websites under 100,000 pages
  4. Enterprise: $890/month

All customers get the following:

  • Accessibility statement & certification
  • Screen-reader & keyboard navigation adjustments
  • Accessibility interface for UI and design fixes
  • Monthly accessibility compliance audits


AudioEye allows businesses to create Wix websites that are ADA and WCAG-compliant. AudioEye has a free trial period with no credit card obligation, during which you can check out all its features.


Simple: $49/month or $490/year- for websites with up to 10k page views per month.

Advanced: $199/month or $1990/year- for websites with up to 100k page views per month

Premier: $499/month or $1490/year- for websites with up to 1M page views per month

All customers get the following:

  • ADA, Sec 508, AODA, EN 301549, WCAG 2.1 AA
  • Accessibility statement
  • Sustainable testing & remediation plan
  • Fixes for reported issues
  • Advanced technology

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