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Learning web accessibility is challenging. The regulations and the conditions of how to implement them are hard to understand, and there are no resources that provide unbiased reviews on the different solutions. We understand that the majority are looking for a solution to avoid the risk of a lawsuit or a new regulatory requirement. We want to help you by providing you with complete, reliable information you can’t find anywhere, all of it so you can decide on the ideal solution.

I wrote an extensive guide (with images) that simplify all the complicated rules of WCAG: Beginner Guide for World Content Accessibility Guideline ( WCAG) and an article that covers Accessibility Laws and Regulations per Country so you can find out if you need to be accessible. Please share if you find them helpful.

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Thank you so much for your clear explanations and graphic examples. One of our new clients required a WCAG2.1 analysis of our web-based applications, and at the start of this process I had no clue what WCAG was or even how to proceed. The pages helped, but were WAY too granular for me. Your pages brought everything down to the point where I could actually understand what WCAG was, how it is applied and provided a clear and elegant checklist that we could use to walk ourselves through the process without having to hire it out to a third party. You were a huge help.
Rick Kaiser. Product Manager / AIS Software
Rick Kaiser
Product Manager / AIS Software

How Do You Find the Best Web Accessibility Solution?

The accessibility regulations can be hard to understand with so many guidelines on how to be accessible. Even harder is trying to distinguish between the quality of the solutions since most solutions sound the same, offer the same features, and promise to keep your website 100% compliant. At, we have been testing and reviewing different solutions in the market to provide you with the information you’ll need to choose the right solution.

Did you try a web accessibility solution? We welcome you to write your review and help others make their website accessible.

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Whois Accessible
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