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Accessibility Cloud

Accessibility Cloud Review

What is Accessibility Cloud?

Accessibility Cloud Review and Pricing

Accessibility Cloud stands is a premier solution for web accessibility testing, catering to the needs of website owners and developers. It ensures compliance with key standards like WCAG, EN 301 549, and the ADA, offering a blend of automatic and manual testing tools. These tools are designed not just for compliance, but to foster an inclusive digital environment. The platform’s embrace of English, Swedish, and Norwegian languages extends its reach, making it accessible to a broader audience. Plus, with editions like Standard, Enterprise, and Monitoring Agency, there’s a fit for every need, whether you’re fine-tuning a single site or overseeing multiple projects.


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Accessibility Cloud Services and Features

Delving into the platform’s services, Accessibility Cloud presents a well-rounded suite of features:

1. Automatic Accessibility Testing: Accessibility Cloud’s automatic testing service is a powerhouse, equipped with advanced crawling, scanning, and analysis capabilities. This service stands out for its ability to methodically navigate through websites, identifying accessibility barriers with precision. The platform categorizes and prioritizes issues, making it easier for developers to address the most critical problems first. Unique features include:

  • Dynamic Error Highlighting: Errors are visually overlaid on the actual web pages, providing immediate context and understanding of each issue’s impact.
  • Evolution Tracking: The system not only pinpoints new and previously resolved errors but also allows for comparative analysis between different scans, offering a clear view of progress over time.
  • Intelligent Filtering: With robust filters for errors, pages, user roles, and compliance guidelines, the platform ensures targeted remediation efforts, enhancing efficiency.
  • Solution Suggestions: Beyond identifying problems, it offers actionable solutions and educational content about violated guidelines, promoting best practices and deeper understanding of accessibility principles.

2. Manual Accessibility Testing: Complementing automatic scans, the manual testing feature supports a thorough, guideline-conformant review process. It facilitates comprehensive evaluations with features like:

  • Extensive Guidelines Coverage: Incorporates multiple accessibility standards, including WCAG, EN 301 549, Section 508, and ADA, ensuring broad compliance.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Automatically applies all relevant success criteria across the website, ensuring no page or element is overlooked.
  • Advanced Documentation: Supports diverse formats like Markdown, Excel, HTML, and JSON for versatile reporting and documentation needs.
  • Educational Support: Provides detailed learning materials for each success criterion, empowering teams with the knowledge to conduct effective manual tests.

3. Accessibility Statement Generation: This feature automates the creation of accessibility statements, essential for legal compliance and transparency. Key highlights include:

  • Customizable Content: Generates statements tailored to specific regional requirements and languages, ensuring global applicability.
  • Automatic Calculations: Streamlines the process by auto-calculating compliance status and other critical fields, with options for customization and editing.
  • Hosted Statements: Offers the convenience of hosted accessibility statements linked to manual tests, enhancing accessibility and ease of sharing.

4. Accessibility Monitoring: Ongoing monitoring ensures websites remain compliant over time. This service offers:

  • Customizable Parameters: Users can set specific monitoring criteria, including query strings, exclusion rules, and more, to tailor the testing environment.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Conducts extensive testing of web content and documents to identify and address compliance issues proactively.

5. Document Testing: Recognizing the importance of document accessibility, this service tests linked documents for accessibility defects, providing:

  • Detailed Insights: Offers in-depth information on file accessibility, including error counts, types, affected disability groups, and remediation guidance.

6. Quality Problem Detection: Beyond accessibility, the platform also identifies generic quality issues like broken links and incorrect MIME types, ensuring overall site health.

Accessibility Cloud Pricing Plans

Accessibility Cloud Pricing

Accessibility Cloud’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate a wide range of needs, from basic free access to more comprehensive plans for larger teams. This flexibility ensures that businesses of all sizes can leverage the platform’s capabilities to enhance their digital accessibility:

Basic: This plan costs €0 per month and includes 1 user, 1 site, 5 pages, 5 documents, and weekly monitoring frequency.

Starter: This plan costs €150 per month and includes 2 users, 1 site, 500 pages, 500 documents, and weekly monitoring frequency.

Pro: This edition costs €350 per month and includes 2 users, 5 sites, 2,500 pages, 2,500 documents, and weekly monitoring frequency.

Team: This edition costs €630 per month and includes 10 users, 100 sites, 5,000 pages, 5,000 documents and weekly monitoring frequency.

Accessibility Cloud Platform and Support

For support, Accessibility Cloud keeps things streamlined with a contact form on their website, ensuring your queries are directed to the right place. Once you’re logged in, you’ll have access to more direct contact options, including their email and phone number, so you can reach out in the way that suits you best. They’re committed to providing the guidance and assistance you need, whether it’s through an online query or a more personal touch.

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Accessibility Cloud Pros and Cons


  • Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Accessibility Cloud is instrumental for website owners and developers in achieving compliance with global accessibility standards such as WCAG, ADA, and EN 301 549. This compliance is critical in reducing legal risks associated with accessibility lawsuits and ensuring an inclusive web presence.
  • Comprehensive Testing Suite: The platform offers a broad spectrum of testing services, including both automated and manual evaluations, document accessibility checks, and detailed remediation strategies. This holistic approach ensures that web content is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.
  • Multilingual Interface: With support for English, Swedish, and Norwegian, Accessibility Cloud caters to a diverse user base, facilitating a more inclusive user experience for international teams and projects.
  • AI-Driven Insights: The use of artificial intelligence in generating solution suggestions is a standout feature, offering practical and innovative remedies for identified accessibility issues. This AI support helps in streamlining the remediation process, making it more efficient and effective.
  • Fosters Team Collaboration: Accessibility Cloud is designed for seamless cooperation across various roles within a team, from managers and editors to UX/UI designers and developers. Its role-based error filtering allows team members to easily identify and address issues they’re best equipped to handle, streamlining the workflow and enhancing productivity.
  • Intuitive Design and Actionable Insights: The platform stands out for its straightforward and uncluttered user interface, steering clear of the complex designs and technical jargon often found in similar tools. It provides clear, actionable insights, making it easier for teams to implement changes and improve web accessibility without getting bogged down by overly complex processes.


  • Complex Issue Resolution: While Accessibility Cloud excels in identifying and suggesting fixes for a wide range of accessibility issues, there may be limitations in resolving highly complex or nuanced problems through automated or manual testing alone. This could necessitate further intervention from accessibility experts or customized solutions.

The Final Verdict on Accessibility Cloud

Accessibility Cloud is like a Swiss Army knife for web accessibility, packed with tools to help you spot and fix issues that might keep some people from enjoying your site. It’s great for businesses of all sizes, thanks to a range of plans that can fit just about any budget.

Keep in mind, though, that while Accessibility Cloud is super user-friendly, it might not have a magic fix for every single accessibility challenge, especially the really complex ones. And, if you prefer chatting over the phone or shooting off a quick email for help, you’ll need to log in first to access those contact details.

All said, if your goal is a website that welcomes everyone, Accessibility Cloud offers a solid foundation. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely on the right track.

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