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  • A real solution to ADA, Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA compliance
  • 100% compliance after manual remediation
  • Custom testing and monitoring tools for compliance
  • Tailored solution for your digital assets
  • Continuous monitoring for ongoing compliance
  • Manual adjustments may take some time

Compliance Sheriff

Compliance Sheriff Review

What is Compliance Sheriff?

Like the name, Compliance Sheriff ensures they identify barriers to web accessibility and compliance on your digital assets. With over a decade in the manual web accessibility solution market, Compliance Sheriff is renowned for its automated accessibility testing tool, Cynthia Says.

Compliance Sheriff, an AppGate solution is similar to what we’ve seen in the manual web accessibility solution niche but with a robust model to shape your accessibility policies and practices. Compliance Sheriff will perform automated and manual testing on your website using its custom web testing tools to detect failures while auditing your website to access your level of WCAG 2.0 (A-AAA) conformance. They also offer an end-to-end accessibility service that involves using a custom Compliance Sheriff software to provide scans and identify your accessibility issues and generate a result which accessibility experts or your trained IT team use to implement changes and make required adjustments. The total accessibility service also involves accessibility integration into your organization to keep you WCAG and Section 508 compliance always making their solution a sustainable and measurable one.

Compliance Sheriff Service(s) and Features

In order to ensure equal web experience for web users, and to comply with digital accessibility regulations and avoid the risk of litigation, Compliance Sheriff takes a manual approach to your web accessibility with its two solutions.

The first is the Accessibility Audit where a team of accessibility experts performs tests and preliminary automated audit scans using software to assess your website for barriers people with various forms of disabilities could be facing when they access the site. The report of which is used as a guide to making necessary fixes. The second is an end-to-end accessibility solution. Like we’ve seen with many manual solutions, this service provides web accessibility consulting, training and a customized Compliance Sheriff software, its flagship product.

Compliance Sheriff software performs a variety of functions according to your configuration. It conducts an automated scan of your website or mobile application against the standard (selected) checkpoints to identify accessibility issues and generate a calculated report of the accessibility of each page and your WCAG 2.0 compliance score.

The report contains general details and statistics of the scan including the number of detected violations, most frequent accessibility errors, ten most affected pages containing the highest number of checkpoint violations, and where the errors exist on a web page.

Now let’s get things straight, the Compliance Sheriff software alone can’t discover 100% of the problem. It is only supplementary to manual testing by experts. When the two testings is combined, it is the generated report Compliance Sheriff’s web accessibility experts or your team use as a guide to performing full remediation of your web pages to meet WCAG 2.0, Section 508, and EN 301 549 compliance. Following the upgrading of your website, the Compliance Sheriff software performs another automated scan against checkpoints for quality assurance.

Compliance Sheriff’s Total Accessibility service also includes an ongoing compliance management plan to ensure your website does not fall out of compliance as a result of updates. This involves integrating accessibility policies and standards for addressing accessibility and managing updates across your organization. The end-to-end service also includes web accessibility training which is usually custom-made for your accessibility needs. Compliance Sheriff’s accessibility experts cover technical accessibility topics designed to provide your IT team of content editors, designers, and software developers with the technical knowledge on web accessibility policies and how to be compliant with regulations and maintaining accessibility in subsequent activities for an ADA compliant website.

Compliance Sheriff Pricing

Compliance Sheriff does not publish its pricing on the website. However, you can expect different pricing for the accessibility audit service or web testing tools and the total accessibility program. Having Compliance Sheriff’s expert make fixes will be more expensive and difficult to sustain so I would advise you have your development team trained once and for all. The good thing is they offer a free WCAG and Section 508 accessibility testing for up to ten web pages through Cynthia Says online portal so you can have an idea of the evaluation report, know the critical accessibility issues on your page and determine how best to go about remediating your website to compliance.

Compliance Sheriff Platform and Support

Whether you’re looking to get an accessibility audit, its automated testing tools or total accessibility assessment, you can begin your Compliance Sheriff adventure with a free assessment of individual pages and get an easy to understand feedback. A demo will also ensure their experts understand your accessibility needs and recommend suitable standards your website needs to meet. This process will also be followed and accompanied by accessibility policies and VPAT reports to help prioritize fixes in the event you get a letter.

For your remediation, Compliance Sheriff’s web accessibility experts will take charge of making the needed manual adjustments or take your team through it, to make your website ADA and WCAG compliant and as well provide ongoing accessibility support for your team through help desk support. 

You can call to resolve any issues you may have over a phone call, send an email and educate yourself on web accessibility with a chunk of blog posts among other resources. Here.

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Why Compliance Sheriff? Pros and Cons

Compliance Sheriff’s approach to accessibility compliance combines automated detection and manual adjustment with other services to ensure you stay compliant with regulations or avoid litigation. Let’s examine some of the positives and negatives:


  • Proven manual accessibility solution to provide ADA and WCAG 2.0 AA compliance
  • 100% compliance after manual remediation
  • Custom web accessibility evaluation tool,  Cynthia Says
  • Continuous monitoring for ongoing compliance
  • Tailored solution specific to each business needs
  • Accessibility blogs and resources


  • Manual adjustments to fix accessibility issues may take some time.

The Final Verdict On Compliance Sheriff

Compliance Sheriff is an innovative manual accessibility solution with tools and a robust accessibility model to make your accessibility journey faster and easier. 

On its flagship product, the Total Accessibility plan, Compliance Sheriff has the capability to perform an automated scan over a collection of collected WCAG checkpoints on your website, mobile app or PDF documents and generate a comprehensive report that will ensure a calculated and concise approach to remediating your website into full WCAG 2.0, Section 508, AODA, and EN 301 549 compliance. Unlike most manual solutions that provide accessibility audit and remediation, the Compliance Sheriff software is easily customizable to your governance requirements and allows for repeatable testing through incorporation into the development life-cycle. This does not only mean your content creators can check individual pages before they go live, but it also means your IT team can track your website compliance over time. 

This, of course, combined with technical training of your team on web accessibility ensures you can automate testing and monitoring and track the ongoing compliance of your web properties against compliance goals and standard regulations.

In conclusion, Compliance Sheriff’s brings to the table a web accessibility software, a comprehensive framework for web accessibility, proven track record, and its experience make it a reliable and recommendable option among a long list of manual accessibility solution providers.

You should check them out.

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